Webstat and review site, Kaleme.net will take a closer look at some of the most beloved websites in the world. We will take into account a website’s Content, Purpose Functionality and Style but also we will look at their Alexa Ranking, Domain Value, Google PageRank, Domain Age and more. We will look into a website’s demographics, age, popularity in which countries.

We will also have articles that will help with web development. WordPress Help. Html Tips and more. I look forward to seeing what comes about and hope you enjoy it as well. The internet has been around for a few decades now and now there are millions of websites. As a web statistician, I want to take a deeper look than just the numbers. I want to look at why some of these websites have taken hold on popular culture. Some are like a cult of personality. Some go viral and most others are lost in the woods and never to be seen by any other human eyes than the person who developed them.